By JHON DOE / October 21, 2020

Although using face masks is one of the safety hacks and has always been there, COVID-19 has increased its importance many folds. Face masks act as barriers to prevent harmful particles in the air from entering your respiratory system. These particles that have microscopic structures can wreak havoc in your body and weaken your immune system. As a result, you can fall prey to various respiratory diseases accompanied by piercing headaches and other health issues.

Masks have been used by people in various professions or even while visiting a place believed to have a higher content of contaminants in the air. As pollution levels hike up, wearing masks even when taking a stroll outside or when stuck in traffic jams is important.

However, masks are made of different materials chosen according to the risk factor. You will find disposable masks that are perfect for wearing when out for shopping or traveling to work and surgical masks that are the best for health workers.

COVID-19 has increased the risk factor for everyone, making them search for a mask that protects them as they move about. It should have minimal to no chance of letting the virus particles come in contact with the face. The quest for safety brings in the question of whether to buy surgical gloves or disposable ones.

To help you make a sound decision, let us discuss the features of each mask. 

Fabric Masks

When buying disposable masks, it is imperative to check both the quality and quantity of fabric layers. You can do this by holding the mask in front of a light and try seeing through it. If you can make out the many fabric layers or fibers, the mask is not worth buying and would do little to protect you.

Although the synthetic fabrics are not an effective option, they are still better than not wearing a mask at all when a lethal disease is at risk of spreading. If your disposable mask comprises multiple layers, there is a fair chance it will offer you protection compared to a single-layered mask.

There are disposable masks that have valves installed in them. These exhalation valves help in breathing out. As much as these masks work great for you, they are dangerous for others as they release unfiltered air out. Therefore, someone who is infected can breathe out droplets that will make others fall sick, and thus failing their purpose of keeping you and others safe.

Surgical Masks

You can buy surgical mask in bulk as these are an effective choice. Surgical masks, too, are disposable, but they are better than the single-layered ones. They are an effective means to block away harmful virus droplets or splashes in the air.

Their effectiveness has earned them a signal to use for medical use. When tested relative to N-95, the surgical masks, too, had an efficiency ranging from 30 to 80%.

As much as wearing a mask keeps you safe, you do not get to ignore the other SOPs applied by the government. Both the masks can offer you protection during extremely close contact for a few minutes only.

Avoid mingling with crowds or avoiding the 6ft gap that should be maintained between two people despite the masks. Compared to the fabric masks, surgical masks provide protection that is more comprehensive and are long lasting. You can choose any of the masks depending on your purpose of use.

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