We provide over 1800 online training courses for over 26 different industries

Our health and safety courses online provide a perfect solution if you want to complete an accredited health and safety course at a pace and time that suits you best. In comparison to other health and safety training providers, all our course materials are developed by our health and safety professionals. Based on their expert knowledge and experience, you can be confident that the content is easy to understand, explicit, and up-to-date, with checks throughout ensuring that you have a grasp of all the essential concepts.
Our online safety courses have got you covered on food safety, workplace safety, construction site safety, etc. We have courses that can teach you about theories of manual handling and back care, which aren’t just useful for work, but for the home as well.
With years of experience in the industrial and commercial marketplace, we understand the fire system requirements you’ll have for your business. Providing fire protection consulting services, Roycans can assist in educating, writing specifications for your building requirements, managing the bidding process, and helping with design and engineering. Based on your needs, we can be your fire protection consultant on hand.
The highly experienced and qualified Roycans safety consulting team offers an extensive range of safety consulting services to support the safety efforts of your company. We tailor our expertise to the needs and size of your business and have a list of services that you can take advantage of.
According to OSHA (Occupation Safety & Health Administration), adhering to safety practices in the workplace plays a big role in maintaining a work environment for your employees, safeguarding them from any harm. Slogans posted on signs can be effective cautionary reminders. Contact Roycans to learn more!
At Roycans, our aim is to develop general awareness online safety training courses that create an interactive and interesting learning experience. Every course uses audio, text, video, and/or images to help employees fully understand the instructions. Each course is designed by professionals with the goal of reaching employees with the information they need to be safe and compliant.
Roycans advises you to begin with a basic company safety program and simple goals and grow from there. If you focus on accomplishing goals, tracking performance, and evaluating results, your workplace can progress to higher levels of health and safety.
A company’s environment needs to be safe for all its employees. The Roycans’ life safety consulting can assist a business in creating ready-to-implement safety plans. Roycans can also evaluate the safety equipment requirements of a business and help it obtain the necessary equipment.
As a national service provider, Roycans is well aware of the standards and codes that mandate fire safety inspections across the country. Regardless of where you’re located, our life safety service has your fire needs covered.
Maintaining health and safety in the workplace is vital, so why not learn it through our online course? At Roycans, our health and safety awareness course online is developed by experts in this field, allowing you to get thorough knowledge of different areas of workplace health and safety.
Roycans has some of the best workplace safety consultants, all of who focus on keeping employees safe on the job. Our main goal is to help every employee return home safely every day.
At Roycans, we strive to deliver well-designed, comfortable personal protective equipment (PPE) that provides your workers with the most effective protection available. As the best medical PPE supplier, Roycans offers products that your employees will feel good about wearing.
Buy personal protective equipment (PPE) from us. A range of PPE is available to workers in the construction, medical, and other fields to protect against safety hazards that include workplace noise, low visibility, chemicals spills, falling objects, and sharp materials.
Being a process safety consultant requires extensive knowledge of specialized competencies and skills. Roycans has years of experience in these professional solutions.
Whether you require a full range of resources or just one, Roycans’ industrial safety consultants are dedicated to implementing, developing, and sustaining safety management systems to safeguard corporate assets. Contact us now to learn more!






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