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Roycans Inc. have partnered with King's Safety & Asset Control Ltd. to provides our clients with top-notch safety services, a wide selection of quality safety and medical device/PPE brands to care for your needs. We ship anywhere in Canada and North America from our distribution centres in Calgary, Vancouver, New York, and Edmonton. Our products, expertise, and keen interest in the safety and medical supply fields enable us to increase mobility and independence, and enhance customer care and comfort. It is also our goal to provide for our associates a positive, rewarding work environment which stimulates personal growth and fulfillment.


Our team of highly trained safety personnel, advanced equipment and strong on-the-ground leadership makes ROYCANS INC. one of the most prepared and equipped providers of plant shutdown, turnaround safety, and suppliers of safety/medical equipment.


Strategic planning, organization and execution of a plant shutdown or turnaround project includes a variety of disciplines. Roycans Inc. has experienced professionals and leading edge equipment to ensure all plant personnel and company assets are protected throughout such operations.


Our Personnel:

  • Site Coordinators
  • Site Leads
  • Safety Advisors
  • High Angle Rescue Teams
  • Manufacturer Certified Air Technicians
  • Safety Watch
  • Long-term onsite industrial safety teams
  • NCSOs, CRSPs, OH&S Certified Professionals
  • Customized On-Site Training Instructors


Our Equipment:

  • Hazardous gas detection and protection
  • QA/QC
  • Asset Tracking
  • Fit testing
  • Drug testing
  • Intrinsically safe heated trailers
  • Standard air trailers
  • Remote monitoring
  • Blast proof containment systems
  • Air skid units


Buy Surgical Gloves

Buy surgical gloves from our leading manufacturers who comply with strict standards to ensure high-quality gloves with minimum defects. Get quality gloves with the durability, flexibility, and hypoallergenic attributes you require. Better elongation means our surgical gloves slip on easily, quickly, and smoothly with minimum friction for superior wearing comfort and ideal fit. Our surgical gloves come in a full range of sizes, are puncture-resistant, and have improved instrument grip.

For years, Roycans has been dedicated to bringing you the best values, largest selection, and the highest quality for medical surgical gloves..


Buy Surgical Mask in Bulk

Buy our surgical masks, which have been made from environmentally friendly material. Our surgical masks are comfortable, soft, non-irritating, non-toxic, and moisture-proof. Buy surgical masks in bulk, and take advantage of the protections they offer against dust and pollution.


Buy Hand Sanitizer Online

When washing your hands with water and soap isn’t an option, using a hand sanitizer is the next best thing. It helps kill germs, thereby reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses. If you can’t get to the store and are in a fix, you can buy hand sanitizer online from us. Hand sanitizer offers several benefits over washing your hands with water and soap. However, they aren’t effective if organic matter like food, dirt, or other material is visible on the hands.

Following are some benefits of using a hand sanitizer:

Requires less time than hand washing Act rapidly to kill microorganisms on hands. Are more accessible than sinks. Reduce the count of bacteria on hands. Do not promote antimicrobial resistance. Are less irritating to the skin than water and soap. Some can even enhance the condition of the skin

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Safety Trainings

Are you looking for an online training course(s) for yourself or company? Roycans offers an extensive list of over 1800 training courses for individuals and corporate organizations. You can purchase single courses or work with our experienced staff to create a custom training program that is tailored to your organization.


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Safety Programs

We help our clients in developing & implementing Customized Safety Practices, Policies and Procedures for their organizations or to meet the submission requirements of Vendors, Industry, COR & SECOR anywhere in Canada. Our safety programs are customized to meet your company's need and our team.



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