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Privacy Policy

Roycan recognizes the importance of privacy as well as the importance of upholding the confidentiality of personal information. It applies to all products and services we provide and sets out collection methods, usage, and release of information in relation to users of the website. You may use our services and products via a mobile device through mobile optimized websites.


Steps have been taken to ensure that we do not collect more information from you than is necessary for us to provide you with our services and to protect your account. We may collect at the time of registration information such as username, address, phone number, fax number, email address, gender, date and year of birth, user preferences (registration information). We also retain and have records of activities on the website such as pricing, delivery, tracking, and billing information, credit/debit card numbers with their expiration dates and disputes among other things.


Providing data or information to our website means you have authorized the collection and retainment and use of that information for the following purposes: 1. To validate your identity; 2. To verify eligibility to use and register on the website and provide users with log-in id and maintenance of the registration. 3. To provide customer service and care in response to feedback, disputes, queries, or claims. 4. To facilitate communication between buyers and sellers on the Sites and processing your transactions on the sites; 5. To perform research and analysis to improve our content, product offerings, marketing, promotion, and services on our website, offerings and services, and for marketing and promotional purposes.


You further agree that we may disclose and your Personal Data to service providers engaged by us and/or other affiliated companies of Roycans to assist us with providing you with our services. All our employees, any service providers or third parties would have access to any personal data supplied by you on our website. Your account information may be shared with vendors or banks to ensure and enable the transactions on the websites to be completed accurately. There is no guarantee that all the risks of theft, loss or misuse can be eliminated.

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Roycans. Please review these basic terms that administer the use of and purchase of products and services from the website. These terms that govern the use of our website may change. We may move, delete, or add pieces to the website


Roycans is a registered trademark, service mark, and/or trade name of Royal Canadian Safety and Medical Device. All other brands, service symbols, and names found on the website may be our property and may belong to us. Roycans refuses any patented interest in brands, service marks and trade names other than its own. No use of these marks may be made without the prior written authorization except as necessary to accurately identify the products or services of Roycans.


Roycans will own exclusively all such rights, titles and interests and shall not be limited in any way in its use or modifications to the submission, commercial or otherwise, of any User Content. Roycans is not under any compulsion to maintain any User Content in confidence, to pay to user any compensation for it, to credit or acknowledge any user for User Content or to respond to any User Content. You further agree that User Content submitted by you to the site will not be and will not contain libelous or otherwise unlawful, abusive, obscene, or otherwise objectionable material in Roycan's sole discretion. You are and shall remain solely responsible for any User Content you submit on the Site. If you take part in competitions, promotions, and/or demanding promotional material or product updates, you agree for Roycans to use this information for marketing and promotional purposes. You agree that Roycans may send electronic mail to you for advising you of changes or additions to the website, about any of Roycan's products or services, or for such other purpose(s) as deems appropriate.


The website and all its contents are provided as they are without warranties of any kind, either express or indirect, including, without restriction, warranties of title or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a purpose. You recognize that the usage of our website is at your risk, and that you assume full responsibility for all costs associated with all necessary servicing or repairs of any equipment you use in connection with your use of our website. Roycans shall not be liable for any damages associated to your usage of this website. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Roycans harmless from and against all claims, damages, costs, and expenses, including attorneys' fees, arising from, or related to your use of the site.


This Agreement is effective unless and until ended by either you or Roycans. You may terminate this contract at any time. Roycans can also dismiss the contract at any time without notice and may deny the user access to the website if in Roycan's decision you fail to comply with any term or provision of the contract. Upon any termination by either you or Roycans, all materials, downloaded or otherwise, gotten from this website must be immediately discarded from this site, as well as all copies of such materials, whether made under the terms of this Agreement or otherwise.

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